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UNESCAP Ninth Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development

UNESCAP Ninth Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development

31 மார் 2022




Bangkok, Thailand

Delivering the Country Statement under Agenda Item 2 on Sub-regional Approaches for Accelerating the SDGs, the Director General of the Sustainable Development Council, Chamindry Saparamadu, reemphasized the points raised by the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Hon.  Mahndia Rajapakse during the Fifth South Asia Forum on Sustainable Development held in Colombo in November 2021 on the need for stronger regional economic cooperation to ensure that the hard-earned development outcomes are not reversed in the post-pandemic era. She further reiterated Sri Lanka’s commitment to support regional economic cooperation and collective regional actions for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of SDG interventions.
Sri Lanka also supports important recommendations which emerged from the Fifth South Asia Forum on SDGs including coordinated efforts to diversify and deepen financing for SDG implementation, adoption of a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach for effective implementation of SDG plans and programmes, improvements in statistical systems for monitoring progress, investments in science and technology capacities and innovation (STI) capabilities and digitization.